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New L&O Comm [Feb. 8th, 2011|03:20 pm]
All Law & Order, All the Time


Although it has a slowly beating heartbeat, this comm is well...on it's death bed. What I'm thinking is that all of us need a NEW ALL OF DICK WOLF'S L&O'S COMM. This includes the original, SVU, CI, Los Angeles, UK, and even the short-lived Trial by Jury. It will be aggressively maintained with frequent posts, challenges, polls, discussions - you name it. Before I start work on this ballin' comm though, I need to know that it will be well-received. So please, answer this poll:

Poll #1678979 New L & O Community

Would you join and participate in a new L & O comm, featuring every branch of the L & O franchise?

Yes - this one has bit the dust
No - I will always stick with this one (even though the maintainer has long left LJ)
Yes - but I probably won't participate much
Yes - and I would like to co-maintain, help with layout, or help with photoshop
No - Go away.